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  • These Are Not My Problems

    EJC's work will be featured at this exhibition presented by 8th Day Center for Justice, which aims to break down the walls that separate everyday people from the awareness of injustice in their midst. Click image for more ...
  • Blinded by Progress

    Coal Ash in Your Backyard?

    Living near coal ash ponds increases risk for birth defects, tumors, cancers and other serious illnesses. Join EJC on May 14 or 15 in Chicago and tell the Illinois Pollution Control Board to adopt strong rules to regulate coal ash. Click image for more ...
  • End the State-Funded Coal Curriculum in IL

    The Polar Bears Are "Us"

    The world is not ready for the impacts of climate change, including the likelihood that populated parts of the planet could be rendered uninhabitable, says the planet’s leading body of climate scientists. Click image for more ...
  • Ban Fracking in Illinois

    Keep Fracking Out of Illinois!

    Work for a moratorium. Ask your Illinois State Senator to cosponsor SB3386 today! Click image for more ...
  • Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago

    Join the Bioneers Movement!

    Bioneers is the leading edge forum for the world we want to create. Help EJC bring Bioneers to Chicago this coming November. Click image for more ...
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Hidden Costs of Mainstream Lifestyles
In our modern world of electric cars, convenience appliances and instant communication, clean, reliable and inexpensive electricity is our everyday lifeline to a high functioning society.

Yet, coal continues to generate a significant amount of the electricity used by the U.S. In fact, coal-powered electricity is essential to meeting many of our most fundamental needs. This longstanding source of cheap energy has a dark side that is emblematic of the difficult choices ahead for energy consumers who are of faith and conscience.

Join Pam and Lan on June 23 at this year’s SCUPE Conference on Urban Ministry. Learn about the costs to society from our reliance on coal that we won’t see listed in our monthly bills. Economic justice begins at home and is reflected in our personal decisions and public policies. More


Testify at Coal Ash Hearings
Illinois has over 100 coal ash ponds and mine-fills that leach toxic chemicals to groundwater, lakes and rivers, where pollution can spread, polluting drinking water supplies and threatening fish and wildlife. Coal ash ponds are also prone to collapse, as happened near Kingston, Tennessee in 2008 when over 1 billion gallons of coal ash slurry spilled into the Clinch and Emory Rivers.

Living near coal ash impoundments increases risk to serious medical problems, such as tumors, cancer, neurological damage and birth defects.

The Illinois EPA has proposed rules to the Illinois Pollution Control Board (IPCB) to address coal ash pits at power plant sites.  We need YOU to come testify in Chicago on May 14 or May 15 and tell the IPCB members how important it is to you that they adopt strong rules.  More


Living seed, Living Communities
Our times are governed by epic myths – seed and food are industrial manufactures, not the source of life and nourishment; industrial food systems are the only answer to hunger; and, the future of humanity is in jungles of concrete, not in soil and gardens.

Dr. Shiva’s keynote address at Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago’s 2012 event showed how the future of the city lies in gardens and organic connections to the countryside: a living city, like any living system, needs food for its nourishment and metabolism.

According to Dr, Shiva. living cities are cultivated organically, and living seed is the basis of living food and living communities. In this keynote address she challenges Chicago to save seeds, plant gardens everywhere possible, and become a living community, More


Celebrating Community Resilience
November 2013 was the second year that EJC produced a Bioneers Network Event. What is Bioneers?  Biological + Pioneers, or Bioneers, is a leading edge forum that highlights the world we want to create. Bioneers recognize the solutions to today’s challenges need to be based on sustainable practices that respect life and are just.

Our theme highlighted resources and opportunities for scaling up sustainable practices in the region. The event featured six keynote speakers and 38 workshops. Friday’s interactive sessions included recommended actions that are being compiled into a report that will be distributed by the end of the summer.

Contact Pam if you want to get involved in planning this year’s event. Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago is a local, self organized affiliate of National BioneersMore

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