Protect the Middle Fork!

The fight to move toxic coal ash away from Illinois' only National Scenic River is not over.  Donate today!
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Ecological responsibility in linkage with social justice is what the world needs now. Healthy earth community requires advocacy and action on urgent environmental issues in ways that connect with struggles for social and economic justice. Eco-Justice envisions and values ecology and justice together, since there will be little environmental health without socio-economic justice, and vice-versa. - Dieter T. Hessel

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Natural Climate Solutions

EJC is looking at natural climate solutions, in addition to energy efficiency and energy transformation, as a way to reduce carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions, as part of the menu of solutions to keep global emissions from surpassing 1.5ºC

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Campaign to Protect Illinois' National Scenic River!
The Middle Fork of the Vermilion River is one of the most biologically diverse streams in the Midwest, and the centerpiece of a major recreational area in east-central Illinois.  But a proposal before the Illinois EPA could allow Dynegy-Midwest Generation to leave 3.3 million cubic yards of toxic coal ash in unlined, leaking pits in the river's floodplain.