The Fork in the Roadmore

The Fork in the Road

Most of us love fairy tales. Stories of alternative realities, where all things are possible, even if they extend beyond the limits of reality. We want to believe. We want to believe that resources are inexhaustible, that technology will overcome all challenges and that an ever expanding economy CAN be sustained on a finite planet.
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Earth Has a Budget Toomore

Earth Has a Budget Too

There are only so many fossil and renewable resources on this planet to sustain our expanding population.  Did you know humanity exhausted the earth’s 2013 resource budget in just 8 months? Last year, Earth Overshoot Day - the day we began to live beyond our ecological means - was August 20. When will it be this year?
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It’s Time for Some City Repair!more

Mark Lakeman: 3.., 2.., 1. Time for Some City Repair!

Feeling out of place, like it was never yours anyway? Frustrated by innumerable and compounding systemic challenges? Running out of space, time, resources and ideas? Maybe it's time for some "city repair”! Watch Mark explain artistic and ecologically-oriented placemaking using projects that honor the interconnection of human communities and the natural world.
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Your Carbon Impact In Real Timemore

Your Carbon Impact In Real Time

A group called Oroeco has developed a new app that will track your carbon emissions in real time using personalized information and life-cycle assessment data. Where else can you find a carbon footprint assigned to nearly everything you do? Track yourself over time, follow recommended changes, and compare your progress with others.
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Honor Poet / Activist Barney Bushmore

Honor Poet / Activist Barney Bush

Join us in honoring the Shawnee Vinyard Indian Settlement and Poet Barney Bush, Chair on September 12. Located in southern Illinois, they are working to buy back their homelands along the Ohio River amidst a landscape where corporations are trying to secure properties to strip mine for coal and "hydrofrack” for oil and natural gas.
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Taking Back Local Controlmore

Taking Back Local Control

In communities across the country, people are passing bans and limits on fracking and defending their right to do so in court. This video by EarthJustice shows how one community in upstate New York State organized to ban hydraulic fracturing in their town.  It features community members and 2014 Goldman Environmental Prize winner Helen Slottje.
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Coal Ash – In Your Backyard?more

Coal Ash – In Your Backyard?

Illinois has over 100 coal ash ponds and mine-fills that leach toxic chemicals to groundwater, lakes and rivers, where pollution can spread, polluting drinking water supplies and threatening fish and wildlife. When groundwater near Illinois’ 24 coal-fired power plants was tested, coal ash contamination was found at EVERY single site. Take action today!
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“Clean Coal”? It Doesn’t Exist!more

“Clean Coal”? It Doesn’t Exist!

Americans are catching on to the fact that there is no such thing as clean coal.  But the industry continues to spend tens of millions of dollars to prolong the support for and use of this fossil fuel. Learn about some of the impacts coal has on climate, human health, the environment, and our economy.
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