Earth Has a Budget Toomore

Earth Has a Budget Too

There are only so many fossil and renewable resources on this planet to sustain our expanding population.  Did you know humanity exhausted the earth’s 2013 resource budget in just 8 months? Last year, Earth Overshoot Day - the day we began to live beyond our ecological means - was August 20. When will it be this year?
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Intergenerational Justice Means Sustainabilitymore

Intergenerational Justice Means Sustainability

Sustainable living has been simply defined as living in a manner that utilizes resources in a way that does not diminish their availability for future generations.  This is a tough mandate for most in the developed world, given our penchant for an increasing array of products and services that bring us the “good life”.
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Your Carbon Impact In Real Timemore

Your Carbon Impact In Real Time

A group called Oroeco has developed a new app that will track your carbon emissions in real time using personalized information and life-cycle assessment data. Where else can you find a carbon footprint assigned to nearly everything you do? Track yourself over time, follow recommended changes, and compare your progress with others.
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Honor Poet / Activist Barney Bushmore

Honor Poet / Activist Barney Bush

Join us in honoring the Shawnee Vinyard Indian Settlement and Poet Barney Bush, Chair on September 12. Located in southern Illinois, they are working to buy back their homelands along the Ohio River amidst a landscape where corporations are trying to secure properties to strip mine for coal and "hydrofrack” for oil and natural gas.
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Taking Back Local Controlmore

Taking Back Local Control

In communities across the country, people are passing bans and limits on fracking and defending their right to do so in court. This video by EarthJustice shows how one community in upstate New York State organized to ban hydraulic fracturing in their town.  It features community members and 2014 Goldman Environmental Prize winner Helen Slottje.
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EJC brings people together to work for a healthy planet. Our leadership in education, advocacy and collaboration has been instrumental in reducing power plant pollution; fighting subsidies for dirty coal; and creating public forums that explore pathways to a just and sustainable future.

Our work includes:

  • Creating the Chicago Clean Power Coalition, which re-invigorated the campaign to close Chicago’s two old coal plants (which were closed in September 2012).
  • Organizing the annual Great Lakes Chicago BIoneers annual that highlights innovation and possibilities for bringing about a just and sustainable future, using nature as our guide.
  • Serving on the leadership team for Heartland Coalfield Alliance, which is working state-wide to make a just transition from a coal economy to one based on clean, reliable, safe energy.