Ecological Destruction or Earth Community?

Ecological Destruction or Earth Community?

How do we see our relationship with our planet?  Do we yet understand that destroying the rich, biodiversity of our planet means the ultimate destruction of our own species?

Since the 1980s, humanity has been in ecological overshoot, using resources faster than they can be regenerated and putting carbon into the air faster than it can be reabsorbed. Globally, we now demand the biological capacity of 1.4 planets. Our patterns of consumption in the U.S. require nearly five planets.   This means that our supply of natural resources – like trees and fish – continues to shrink, while our waste – primarily carbon dioxide – accumulates.

According to the latest data from the Global Footprint Network, on September 23, 2010 humanity will have used up all the resources nature will provide this year. From now until the end of the year, we’re dipping into our ecological reserves, borrowing from the future. This can go on for a short time, but ultimately it leads to a build up of waste and the depletion of the very resources on which human life depends.

We are at a crossroads in human history, never experienced before.  Knowing our earth community is in crisis, are we ready to change systems that require growth and expansion to those that value all life, fostering regeneration and rebirth?

E.O. Wilson of Harvard University tells us:  “In the end it will all come down to a decision of ethics, how we value the natural world in which we have evolved and now – increasingly – how we regard our status as individuals (Thomas Berry. 1999. The Great Work. p. 102).

Watch the video reflecting on Thomas Berry and the Earth Community and tell us what you think…..

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