Meet Mya Asthma in Chicago on World Asthma Day

Meet Mya Asthma on May 4, World Asthma Day

Chicago’s Millenium Park, Noon
(by the reflective bean)

Join Mya, Eco-Justice Collaborative and other coalition partners on her debut appearance next Tuesday!  Meet at Millennium Park at noon (by the “reflective bean”).  Have your photo taken with Mya in front of City Hall and send it to Mayor Daley and your alderman! Then travel to the offices of Midwest Generation, the company that owns the Fisk and Crawford coal plants.

Eco-Justice Collaborative is a founding member of the Chicago Clean Power Coalition.

Mya Asthma, the Giant Inhaler

The Chicago Clean Power Coalition is excited to announce that Mya Asthma, a giant inhaler, has joined the coalition in asking the City Council to pass an ordinance that would clean up the Fisk and Crawford coal plants located in Chicago. “Dealing with the 2,800 asthma these plants cause every year is way too much work. I’m exhausted!” said Mya. “For my sake and the sake of all the inhalers in Chicago, we need to clean up the pollution from these coal plants. Let’s give inhalers some time off for once.”

The overworked inhaler cited a study by researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health that found the pollution from the Fisk and Crawford plants causes 2800 asthma attacks, over 500 emergency room visits and 41 premature deaths each year. “The workload in this town is insane. I need a break and the only way to get one is to cut down the pollution that’s causing all these asthma attacks,” said Mya.

Mya Asthma will make other appearances around the City in the coming weeks to build support for the Chicago Clean Power Ordinance and hopefully get the chance for some well deserved time off.

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