A Theology of “Enough”: Kicking the Fossil Fuel Habit

A Theology of “Enough”:  Kicking the Fossil Fuel Habit

First Presbyterian Church of Libertyville
219 W. Maple Avenue
Libertyville, Illinois

The end of the fossil fuel age.  Why we need to kick the fossil fuel habit.

People of faith value God’s gift of clean air, clean water and healthy fields and forests — all of which sustain us.  But today, our planet is in trouble.  We are using our resources at a rate much faster than they can be replaced.  Unsustainable consumption results in deforestation, depletion of our ocean’s fisheries, the loss of biodiversity, increased air and water pollution and climate change from a growing reliance on fossil fuels.

Our patterns of consumption are clearly not sustainable, nor are they just.  But what IS sustainable?  What IS “enough”?  What is just?  What can we do as individuals or households to lessen the impacts of our lifestyles, while living satisfying and fulfilling lives?

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