Who Is EJC?

Eco-Justice Collaborative (EJC) is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.  EJC views Creation as a sacred act of an ever-present and justice-seeking God and sees each human being as responsible for honoring that gift through daily actions that sustain and protect the integrity of life.

Our mission is to raise public awareness of the consequences of our actions on people and our planet and to encourage changes that:

  • Seek harmony with Creation.
  • Respect all life.
  • Value diversity.
  • Support ecological sustainability.
  • Bring about a just distribution of the world’s resources.

Blowing Our Top
CAN TV Interview with Pam and Lan Richart
And Parson Brown, Topless America

Can TV Interview, Pam and Lan Richart

About Pam and Lan

Lan and Pam Richart are co-founders of the non-profit organization called Eco-Justice Collaborative.  Pam is a land use planner by profession and Lan is an ecologist.  For over 20 years they were principals and owners of a land use and environmental consulting firm located in the western suburbs of Chicago.  During this time they worked on projects throughout the Midwest, providing consulting services in the areas of land use planning; natural resource conservation and management; and the assessment of the environmental impacts of state and federally funded public works projects.

In the late 1990’s, a series of trips to economically poor regions of Latin America opened their eyes to the social and environmental affects that the U.S. lifestyle has on the world.  They have since re-arranged their lives to dedicate their energy to the work of their non-profit, Eco-Justice Collaborative EJC). Through interactive presentations, special events and advocacy, EJC works to raise public awareness of the impact of lifestyle choices on the planet and its people and to encourage changes that will heal and restore the planet, while bringing about a more just and sustainable world.

2012 Highlights


2012 was an incredible year, filled with excitement; victory; and positive outcomes for our campaigns and projects!  These included:

  • Organizing a Tribunal on Gender and Climate Justice to Chicago – one of two in the country.
  • Bringing about the closure of Fisk and Crawford as part of the Chicago Clean Power Coalition.
  • Team-teaching an experiential course on eco-justice and cities as part of the Seminary Consortium on Urban Pastoral Education programming.
  • Organizing the first Bioneers conference in Chicago.
  • Continuing our work with the Heartland Coalfield Alliance, whose mission includes making a just transition from a coal coal to a clean energy economy in the Illinois coal basin.
  • Working to end the state-subsidized Illinois coal education curriculum.

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Initiatives for 2013

During the next year we will actively be working to:

  • Continue work towards awareness-raising and education around key issues of eco-justice, such as exponential growth and sustainability; food; water; and energy. Through classes and workshops we help others identify their ecological footprint, discuss its social and environmental implications, and learn ways in which we can bring our lives more in harmony with what we believe.
  • Organize faith leaders in Chicago to take an active role in local, regional and national campaigns to both push for policy changes that address the climate crisis and lower carbon footprints in congregations (institutional and home).
  • Play an instrumental role in the Heartland Coalfield Alliance and its state-wide efforts to limit the discharge of toxic coal wastes into our surface and ground waters, stop taxpayer subsidies to polluting coal companies and promote a clean energy economy for Illinois.  Clean energy technologies win hands down, if coal is forced to pay for the health and environmental damages it brings to society.
  • Organize the 2nd Chicago Bioneers Conference in the fall of 2013. Gathering together innovative leaders in social activism, science, creative arts, business and spirituality, Chicago Bioneers not only will envision, but also help build a future in a manner that fully integrates sustainability, green technology and social justice.  Our focus will be on regional networking and engaging youth in the process of problem solving in a way that is compatible and works with the earth’s natural systems.  EJC again will serve as fiscal sponsor.

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