And on the 7th Day ….

And on the 7th Day …

10:00 am to 1:00 pm
6932 N Glenwood

Facilitated by Michael Weeks, Carolina Cifuentes and Pam Richart

What does a low-carbon, low-energy future look like?  How can we ensure that all have the resources required to lead a healthy, dignified life?  Using open space technology, we’ll create a vision for our community and then identify the steps we need to take to get there!

Refreshments served.

Building Resilient Communities

EJC is a founding partner of Transition Rogers Park, which is modeled after the global Transition Town movement. Transition Rogers Park is hosting a series of gatherings designed to create local solutions for the challenges of peak oil, climate change and a economic instability.  Each gathering is designed to move us forward in our thinking or actions.

Visit Transition Rogers Park to RSVP.  Click for a flier and check out the details for each event on our calendar

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