OneEarth? Five Earths?


No matter how obvious it is that we have only the one planet we are living on, we Americans live and plan as if we have five.The math doesn’t work. We know it, but we continue anyway.

A MultiEarth illusion depends on our religious devotion to unsustainable economics, corporate rule, shrinking our humanness, and thinning democracy. But, all of creation depends on our species ending our addiction to “More!” and discovering Earth’s magnificent abundance of “Enough!” for all.

To help us with  the global conversation now underway about sustainable living, EJC’s friend and mentor, Lee Van Ham of Jubilee Economics Ministries has written a new book called  Blinded by Progress. In it, Lee shows the power that myth has to either facilitate OneEarth living – or to prevent it:

  • Why do we Americans praise lifestyles and growth economics that require five planets?
  • Why does this five-planet illusion grip us so tightly even though it defies commonsense?
  • Why do we continue to pursue economic growth as if it is economic health when we know it is ecologically suicidal?

This is a book of hope, helping us invoke our great capacities to change.

Click to read more, including what Paul Hawken, author of Blessed Unrest and Natural Capitalism and others are saying about this book.

Then click here to purchase in paperback or for your kindle or other personal electronic device.  Read it alone, or better yet, discuss it in a group! Reading this book is a terrific way to launch the new year, because it  releases that “ah-hah” feeling we get when truth breaks in on us and breaks us out of illusion and then empowers us to act.

As JoAnna Macy said in her Bioneers 2009 presentation The Gifts of Uncertainty, all of creation is depending on each one of us to act for now for those present today and for generations to come. However, as Lee points out, there are two different ways of viewing reality; two different lifestyles, two different ecological footprints; and two different ways of organizing businesses, governments, congregations, schools, and households. Which path do you choose?

Read the book – then tell us what you think – or what actions you plan to take. You can either email us – or use the comment field below.

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