Blinded by Progress

Wrestling with Some Tough Questions

If you’re reading this article, it’s because you know that humanity is headed for disaster, and you are interested in doing your part to restore and heal our home so that it can sustain life for future generations.

But are you willing to wrestle with some tough questions:

  • Why do we Americans praise lifestyles and growth economics that require five planets?
  • Why does this five-planet illusion grip us so tightly even though it defies commonsense?
  • Why do we continue to pursue economic growth as if it is economic health when we know it is ecologically suicidal? Are we that sinister? unconscious? Is it blind faith in technology? Are we simply addicted to “More?”

If so, then we recommend the book Blinded by Progress, which was written by friend and mentor Lee Van Ham of Jubilee Economics. This book walks us smack into tough questions about our survival on this planet … and then, finds possibilities within our reach!  A whole new worldview is spelled out for us to contemplate, and then take meaningful actions.

We think Blinded by Progress releases that “ah-hah” feeling we get when truth breaks in on us and breaks us out of illusion.

Lee has prepared a free guide to help you or your group reflect on key messages. You can access it here.  This “Read! Act! Reflect” cycle he has developed has been designed not only to help us see more clearly the clash between MultiEarth and OneEarth ways of living, but also to help us choose strategic solutions.

Where to Find the Book

Print copies of Blinded by Progress are available from Amazon at discounted from $12.95 to $11.66.
Buy the print edition at Amazon and get the eBook for half price, only $1.99.

Or, if you prefer, you can buy the kindle version from the Kindle eStore for $3.99.

And, when finished, pass it along!

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