Peabody Energy Files for Bankruptcy

A Giant Has Fallen

Peabody is the latest in a string of major coal companies filing for bankruptcy. And, communities that have long been impacted by extraction activity are using this the opportunity to call for a just transition away from coal economies.

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Coal Mining

Amid Illinois Budget Crisis, Coal Tax Proposed

Current mine closures and layoffs are, once again, dragging Illinois communities through the “boom and bust” cycle of coal. It’s time for a coal severance tax, so that corporations pay their fair share, and communities benefit by receiving funds to invest in their future.

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Benld City Council Eyes Support for Coal Severance Tax

Pam Richart of the Eco-Justice Collaborative discusses potential legislation to impose a severance tax on Illinois coal during Monday night’s meeting of the Benld City Council. The measure, if it became law, would impose a five percent tax on coal to be divided equally among the state’s General Fund, local counties where coal is extracted, and a trust fund to help pay for economic diversification and remediating environmental issues resulting from mining activity.

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Peabody Nears Bankruptcy, Just Transition Needed

EJC joins the call for a just response for communities and miners as Peabody nears bankruptcy, unable to meet its bond obligations.  It’s time to make that transition from a coal economy by funding employment and new economic opportunities; and revenues for land reclamation and mine clean-up.

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