Your Carbon Impact In Real Time

New app allows real time tracking of your carbon impact on the planet

For most of us, there is a major disconnect between our everyday lifestyle choices and the impact that they have on the world around us.  We might know for example that driving a fuel inefficient vehicle will contribute significantly more carbon to the atmosphere than say riding public transit.  But what about those everyday choices we make regarding food, clothing, entertainment, and other goods and services that are not so obvious?  And how can we make better choices?

Now a group called Oroeco has developed a new app that will track your carbon emissions in real time using personalized information and life-cycle assessment data developed through independent research.  Oroeco has teamed with Intuit owned to assign a carbon footprint to almost everything you do, tracking it over time and allowing you to compare your progress with others.  Along the way Oroeco offers insights and recommendations for further reducing your carbon footprint.

As Oroeco CEO, Ian Monroe says, 

The basic idea is that every dollar we spend impacts our climate. The problem is that we can’t see these impacts when we’re deciding what to buy, particularly now that global supply chains have shifted problems half a world away. We are building a tool that automatically connects your purchase data (via to scientific climate impact data so you can track the climate footprint of your groceries, gas, airfare, home energy, clothing, etc. We’re also integrating with Facebook, so you’ll be able to see how you compare with your friends, as well as earn points and prizes for improving.

You can explore Oroeco and its new app at:


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