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Model projections of summer average temptation and precipitation changes in Illinois for mid-century (2040-2059), and end-of-century (2080-2099), indicate that summers in this state are expected to feel progressively more like summers currently experienced in states touch and west.  Illinois is projected to get considerably warmer and have less summer precipitation.

Illinois Migrating Climate

Our global community continues to set records for the “hottest month” and “hottest year”, urgently calling for us to lower our greenhouse gas emissions.  By the end of the century, Illinois, temperatures will rise 7-13 degrees F in winter and 9-18 degrees in summer with a “business as usual” scenario.

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The 2015 Climate Accords

With each passing day, the challenge of reining in climate change becomes greater. The Paris Climate Agreement was successful in that nations, for the most part, agreed upon what needs to be done. But the real work required to avoid disaster and the sixth mass extinction lies ahead.

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