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Protect the Middle Fork from coal ash pollution

Call Representative Chad Hays and Senator Scott Bennett

Why the Middle Fork?  •   Dynegy’s Coal Ash Threat  •   Dynegy’s Proposed Fix  •  Act Today  •  Campaign Resources DOWNLOAD FACT SHEET Sample Script for Calling Representative Chad Hays and Senator Scott Bennett Calling the offices of your elected officials  is easy to do, and will become increasingly important in the coming months. You can reach […]

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Dynegy Vermilion Coal Ash Ponds

Groups Seek Stronger Safeguards

The Vermilion Middle Fork, one of the country’s “National Scenic RIvers”, is a swift-flowing river winding through lush forests, rolling prairie and craggy cliffs in central Illinois. But the river’s banks butt up against three massive pits filled with toxic coal ash produced over five decades by the Vermilion coal-fired power plant, which closed in 2011 and is still owned by the power company Dynegy.

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