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Climate Change Warning Labels

… On the Handles of Gas Pumps!  The San Francisco Bay Area city of Berkeley is moving forward with plans to put climate-change warning labels on gas pumps in what could be the first such requirement of its kind in the nation. Scientists know that CO2 emissions contribute to climate change, just as they know […]

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No More Oil – With Dr. Riki Ott

An Evening of Stories from the Frontlines in the Battle against Big Oil with Dr. Riki Ott Paul Henry’s Art Gallery is pleased to have the opportunity to host Dr. Riki Ott who will speak for three hours here on Friday, June 20th, 6:30PM until 9:30PM. Dr. Ott witnessed first-hand the ecological destruction and social […]

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Canada: The New Saudi Arabia of Oil

Click to watch video by Sustainable Guidance Canada Now Largest Supplier of Oil to US Most of us don’t know that for the last 7 years, Canada has been the largest supplier of oil to the U.S.  But obtaining oil from Canada’s tar sands comes at a high price. Making liquid fuels from oil sands requires energy for steam […]

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What Oil-Dependent Economies Bring …

What Oil-Dependent Economies Bring … In the Gulf of Mexico, the black tide from the Deepwater Horizon accident continues to grow, as do concerns for marine life and gulf coast residents and their livelihood. The cost, liability and environmental hazards associated with oil extraction in our oceans ought to be enough to say STOP!! While […]

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