How a Chicago Restaurant Went Trash-Free

Trash-Free Restaurant? It CAN Be Done!  
Owner/chef Justin Vrany of Lakeview’s Sandwich Me In Restaurant recycles 99.999 percent of the restaurant’s waste. What he couldn’t recycle, reuse or compost, he has kept in an eight gallon bag on the premises.  Well, he did this until recently, when a local artist picked up the waste to create a sculpture, making him totally trash-free.

Justin’s quick service eatery’s entire waste output is equivalent to what a restaurant of similar volume produces in just an hour.  In addition, Justin uses locally-sourced meats and fresh produce.  How does he do this?  Why does he do this? You’ll have to watch this short video to learn the answer to those questions!

Then make sure you visit the restaurant and spread the word! You might find you are able to adopt many of Justin’s zero-waste practices yourself.

Sandwich Me In
3037 North Clark Street
Chicago, Illinois

Hours: Mon-Sun, 11:00am-9:00pm
Tuesdays CLOSED

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Are You Interested In Becoming a Zero-Waste Household?
It’s not easy, but each one of us can adopt a majority of these practices by Zero Waste Home.  And, perhaps you already do! These “Top 60 tips” are categorized by topic to help you lower your waste at home and become “trash-free”. Each section is a condensed version of a posting on the subject:

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