Cleaning Up After “Clean Coal”


Cleaning Up After “Clean Coal”

10:00 A.M.
Sunday, October 10,
Third Unitarian Church

301 N. Mayfield Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60644
Phone: (773) 626-9385

Each year the coal industry spends millions of dollars marketing a new and improved “clean coal” image to the public:  “Coal — the clean, abundant and inexpensive fuel of the future.”  The Obama administration is a strong promoter of clean coal, in the last two years alone allocating over 3 billion dollars to support clean coal technology.  Over a billion dollars has been set aside to begin the construction of FutureGen 2.0, a refitted 200 MGW power plant in Meredosia, Illinois intended to demonstrate technology that would capture carbon dioxide and store it underground. With all this positive support the coal industry is pushing for a resurgence in Illinois coal production, with three new mines expected to increase 2011 output to its largest volume since 1990.  But before we rush to buy this supposedly new and improved product, or bet on it for our future, we might want a full disclosure of the price.

Join Eco-Justice Collaborative as we peel back the facade on clean coal and explore its social and environmental costs.  With the wholesale destruction of millions of acres of the Appalachian Mountains, planned subsidence of farmlands in southern Illinois, respiratory health problems in Chicago’s neighborhoods, a greenhouse gas emission rate higher than any other primary fuel, and a residual ash byproduct that is often toxic, coal is anything but clean and inexpensive.

  • Learn who is really paying your electric bill
  • View the aftermath of mountaintop removal mining in West Virginia
  • See the affects of planned subsidence and longwall mining in southern Illinois
  • Hear about local efforts to clean up Chicago’s two old coal-fired power plants

10/10/10 has been designated as a Global Work Day on climate change; a day to tell our leaders “We’re getting to work, how about you?”

Join EJC for a Sunday Forum — Find out how you can become involved.


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