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 Downstate Caucus

EJC serves on the leadership team for the newly-formed Downstate Caucus of the Illinois State Climate Table. The purpose of the Downstate Caucus is to coordinate work between the downstate advocacy organizations across Illinois with the State Climate Table in support of reducing carbon and other greenhouse gases.

The Caucus works together to

  • Ensure strong and just state renewable energy and energy efficiency goals in Illinois that includes the three State Table policy pillars on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).
  • Incorporate land-based or other strategies that help reduce GHG and stabilize our climate, that build upon the unique geography, opportunities, culture and other attributes of downstate Illinois.

The Downstate Caucus meets monthly. One of its first priority actions was to review the draft Illinois Power Agency Renewable Resources Procurement Plan and to provide comments specific to downstate Illinois with respect to expanding access to solar programs and training for low-income communities; defining environmental justice communities; and grouping municipal utilities and rural cooperatives with Ameren to ensure compatibility in rate structure.

If you are interested in participating or learning more, contact Pam.

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