EJC Brings Bioneers to Chicago

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EJC Brings  Bioneers to Chicago this Fall

Most of us would agree that we are living in challenging times.  With growing global populations, increasing demands on the earth’s resources, a changing climate, and broadening concerns about environmentally related health problems, we recognize that the decisions we make today as a society will have profound effects on the long-term health of our planet and all living things.   But where do we begin?  How do we ground ourselves in solid principles as we begin the journey to healing ourselves and the world around us?

What is Bioneers?
Over 20 years ago Kenny Ausubel coined the term “Bioneers” and with his partner Nina Simons co-founded the Bioneers movement, based on a philosophy that the responses to our most pressing environmental, social and economic challenges must be in harmony with the wisdom and proven design of natural systems.   As Kenny noted, “nature’s principles—kinship, cooperation, diversity, symbiosis and cycles of continuous creation absent of waste—can also serve as metaphoric guideposts for organizing an equitable, compassionate and democratic society.”

Great Lakes Chicago Bioneers
November 2 through 4, 2012

University of Illinois at Chicago
Student Center East
750 S. Halsted, Chicago

This fall EJC, the Pierce Family Foundation and UIC’s Office of Sustainability are bringing Bioneers to Chicago!  On November 2-4 Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago will host its first annual conference at UIC Student Center East.  For three exciting days, participants will have the opportunity to join international, national and local visionaries as together they envision a new world through a program of presentations, interactive workshops, music, drama, dance, poetry and celebration.  ECJ is lead organizer for this event.

Headline speakers such as Vandana Shiva, internationally renowned scientist and food justice activist; Richard Heinberg, Senior Fellow at the Post Carbon Institute; Mark Lakeman from Portland’s City Repair project; and Starhawk, author, activist and ecofeminist; will be joined by Bioneers co-founder, Nina Simons.

What to Expect
Nearly 50  different workshops will allow attendees to interact on a wide array of issues ranging from urban agriculture,  waste recycling, climate change and biomimicry to green buildings and infrastructure, group problem solving and cooperative models for housing, food and employment.

This year’s gathering promises to showcase some of the regions most forward thinking social and environmental projects.  But more than an event, Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago hopes to lay the foundation for on-going collaboration among all Chicagoans who care about creating a healthy and sustainable city for themselves and future generations.  For more information or to register on-line go to www.chicagobioneers.org or contact Pam or Lan Richart at lrichat@ecojusticecollaborative.org.


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