Farmin’ in the Hood

Farmin’ in the Hood

Mess Hall
6932 North Glenwood
Chicago, IL

Facilitated by Caroina Cifuentes, Michael Weeks, Rogers Park Farms
and Pam Richart, Eco-Justice Collaborative and Rogers Park Farms

Our current industrial agriculture food system simply isn’t sustainable.  It pollutes our waters, degrades our soil, feeds people “empty” calories and livestock grains they weren’t meant to eat.  It requires vast quantities of water at a time when fresh water supplies are diminishing and is dependent on oil to produce, process package and distribute at a time when oil peaking.  While this system is highly-mechanized, minimizing labor required, those who do work the fields often are migrant workers, paid low wages while being exposed to toxic chemicals.

Imagine instead a local food system in Rogers Park that ensures access to healthy, quality food for all who live here, captures the talents and skills of our diverse population, engaged and empowered our youth – and our elderly, and catalyzed our economy.  That’s what we will be doing in this session!  Your input will help shape the new Rogers Park Farm initiative, just now beginning to gain some momentum.  Come with vision, ideas and ready to commit to make a just, sustainable food system a reality in Rogers Park!

Click to watch slideshow.  Contact Pam for more information!

Refreshments served.

Transition Rogers Park is “in residence” at the Mess Hall from July 26 through August 6.  Join us at one of  our upcoming events and discussions, designed to obtain your input on making our community more resilient!

Building Resilient Communities

EJC is a founding partner of Transition Rogers Park, which is modeled after the global Transition Town movement. Transition Rogers Park is hosting a series of gatherings designed to create local solutions for the challenges of peak oil, climate change and a economic instability. Each gathering is designed to move us forward in our thinking or actions.

Visit Transition Rogers Park to RSVP. Click for a flier and check out the details for each event on TRP’s calendar.

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