Forum on Coal Pollution in Chicago

Forum on Coal Pollution in Chicago

Chicago Public Library – Lozano Branch
1805 S. Loomis Street, Chicago, IL

Two coal-fired power plants in Chicago spew toxic chemicals into Chicago’s air, causing respiratory problems, lung disease and even neurological damage especially for those living next to these plants.

This forum will provide information on the impacts, but also talk about the Chicago Clean Power Campaign that is being launched to clean up harmful emissions (specifically particulates and CO2) from Fisk and Crawford Generating Stations.   Learn how you can join the campaign and become a coalition member, and hear about alternatives that exist to reduce our city’s reliance on coal.

The event is sponsored by Pilsen Environmental Rights and Reform Organization (PERRO) and features Alderman Joe Moore.

For more information, contact Dorian Breuer at: 773.809.3817.

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