Got Housing?

Got housing?
Got Housing?

Mess Hall, 6943 N. Glenwood Avenue
7:00 to 9:00 PM
Terry Edlin, New Community Vision and Transition Rogers Park

Who doesn’t have housing issues? If you are a single parent, a senior, a grandparent raising children, disabled, or live paycheck to paycheck, affordable housing is a pipe dream. We need a new approach!. The single-family, single-person, single-parent household works ok if you your children are old enough to be home alone, if your house cleans itself and if you don’t mind, and can afford, junky processed food.

Living in a supportive community, where you know that your housemates (or neighbors) are trustworthy enough to look after your children, voluntarily shovel your walk, and where you trade chores – one cooks, another cleans, another fixes things, another reads to seniors, another plays or helps children with homework. All of this, and more, is imminently possible. We just need to get there.

Getting there is the purpose of gathering community by community, month in/month out, with intention, to meet others in settings where trust naturally and gradually takes root. Come to learn more about housing alternatives such as cooperatives, cohousing, shared homes and even dormitory housing.

Refreshments served.

Building Resilient Communities

EJC is a founding partner of Transition Rogers Park, which is modeled after the global Transition Town movement. Transition Rogers Park is hosting a series of gatherings designed to create local solutions for the challenges of peak oil, climate change and a economic instability.  Each gathering is designed to move us forward in our thinking or actions.

Visit Transition Rogers Park to RSVP.  Click for a flier and check out the details for each event on our calendar.

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