Heartland Coalfield Alliance Meeting

The next organizing gathering of the Heartland Coalfield Alliance will take place:
February 7, 2011
10:30 am
Illinois Audubon Society
2315 Clear Lake Avenue
Springfield, IL 62708

America’s heartland is ground zero for the nation’s clean energy fight.  The newly-formed Heartland Coalfield Alliance is working to bring about a just transition from the heartland’s current coal economy to a safe, clean and sustainable energy economy. The Alliance generally has defined the “heartland” as the Illinois coal basin and surrounding areas.

Corporations such as Peabody Energy, The American Coal Company and The Cline Group are poised to profit from mining these vast reserves of coal. But it is America’s heartland that will live with the impacts of coal mining, burning, processing and waste disposal. These impacts include: destruction of prime farmland and forests from longwall mining and strip mining operations; polluted water from the disposal of coal ash and coal slurry into unlined ponds or abandoned mines; emissions from coal-burning plants that compromise health; and the displacement of residents as a result of these coal-related activities.

The Alliance hopes to help coalfield residents organize to protect their health, safety and welfare and the land, air and water resources upon which they depend. The Alliance also plans to promote alternatives that will generate good-paying jobs and create a diverse, sustainable economy that preserves, restores and protects America’s heartland for future generations.

EJC is a founding member of the Alliance.  Contact us at ejc@ecojusticecollaborative.org if you want to get involved!

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