How green is Chicago?

Eco-Justice Collaborative is part of a growing coalition of organizations working to make Chicago a healthier place to live.  One of the objectives of f the Chicago Clean Power Campaign is to clean up Chicago’s coal plants – two of the oldest and dirtiest plants in the nation.

On July 15, the coalition held a press conference, announcing decisions by the national offices of Sierra Club and Greenpeace to make the Chicago Clean Power Campaign a priority.  This is a sign that not only is the campaign gaining momentum, but it is part of a growing recognition across the country that our addiction to fossil fuels is literally killing us.

The on-going oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the recent mining disaster in West Virginia, the destruction of the Appalachian mountains by mountaintop removal coal mining and the poisoning of our air in Chicago should shake us to the core. How loud must our wake-up call be before we act?

Read “Chicago’s Growing Clean Power Campaign Becomes Ground Zero for National Environmental/Citizens Groups” by Jeff Biggers.


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