Illinois Tax Dollars Hard at Work

Illinois Tax Dollars Hard At Work

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This power point presentation highlights the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity‘s (DCEO) coal expenditures. As you will see, your tax dollars:

  • Support research, development and demonstration of “clean coal technologies”.
  • Provide financial incentives for new energy developments (including mines and power plants).
  • Develop and promote markets for Illinois-mined coal and coal byproducts.
  • Promote energy education and awareness.

The Illinois DCEO would have you believe that coal is safe, clean, and efficient.

But they do not talk about the hazards of mining, processing or burning coal, which pollutes our air; poisons our water; and destroys farmland and forest. They do not talk about the human costs which include illness, premature death, economic hardship or displacement.

These are real costs – environmental, health, social and economic that are borne by those who live near the mines, coal processing areas, waste impoundments and power pants.  These costs are borne by the taxpayer, not the corporations.

If you believe that our dollars should be leveraged to move us from an economy based on the hazards of coal to  jobs-creating economy based on energy efficiency and clean, safe and renewable energy (such as wind and solar), then contact us today!

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Visit for more information on Illinois Coal and its impacts and for alternatives that can bring about a low-carbon, low-energy future and just distribution of resources!  Eco-Justice Collaborative is a founding member of the Heartland Coalfield Alliance, a statewide coalition of organizations working to bring about a just transition from a coal economy to an economy based on clean, safe and sustainable sources of energy.

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