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Galatia Mine. Photo by Pam Richart

Winter 2016 – Delegation to Southern Illinois Coal Country

EJC hosts delegations to central and southern Illinois and Coal River Valley, West Virginia as a way to transform delegates’ understanding about the impacts of the lifecycle of coal; provide support for frontline communities; and advocate for a just transition from coal to renewable energy.

Planning is underway for a winter 2015 delegation to southern Illinois.  This will be a two-night stay in Harrisburg.  Participants will need to make travel and lodging arrangements to the Quality Inn in Harrisburg, Illinois.  Once there, EJC will provide transportation via van.  We will:

  • Visit Bob Murray’s Galatia Mine and Peabody’s Rocky Branch Mine.
  • Learn about the history of mining and slavery in Illinois.
  • See towns affected by the boom and bust cycle of coal.
  • Meet with residents directly impacted by Peabody’s Cottage Grove and Rock Branch Mines.
  • Tour Will Scarlett, the largest abandoned mine land in the Midwest – also the most polluted.
  • Bust the myths about the importance of coal to the state’s economy and jobs.
  • Experience some of the beauty of southern Illinois’ landscape, and the cultural heritage of those who live in this part of the state.

Costs (excluding lodging and travel to Harrisburg) are estimated to be $125 per person, and include:

  • Guided tour.
  • Handouts of all sites visited.
  • Meals (Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday breakfast).
  • Travel while in southern Illinois.

Interested? Email us or call 773.556.3417.  More information will be available in the next few weeks.

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