A Call to Live Sustainably

Just” Consumption: A Call to Live Sustainably

Kingswood United Methodist Church
401 W. Dundee Road
Buffalo Grove, Illinois

slide.002Our patterns of consumption clearly are not sustainable, nor are they just.  But what IS sustainable? What IS “Enough”?  What IS “Just”?  What can we do as individuals, households or communities of faith to lessen the impacts of our lifestyles on God’s creation, while living satisfying and fulfilling lives?

In this workshop we will:

  • Evaluate two views of creation and how each affects our worldview of sustainability.
  • Discuss the impacts of our lifestyles on people and our earth.
  • Explore ways to lessen our ecological footprints and identify ways to live more in harmony with all of creation

Interested?  Call Pam or Lan Richart at 773-556-3418 or send us an email at ejc@ecojusticecollaborative.org

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