Lifestyles for a Sustainable Future

Lifestyles for a Sustainable Future

Six-week Series
February 6, 2011 through April 24, 2011
(Sunday evenings, beginning February 6)

Cost:  $50

As we face growing concerns over a warming planet, diminishing natural resources, food security and the end of the fossil fuel age, we must ask ourselves: How does our faith guide us? How can our actions reflect the justice and affimation of life in which we believe?

Join this interactive educational series that blends information, biblical reflection and personal covenant in a small group setting.

During our time together we’ll explore a variety of key issues of eco-justice, such as exponential growth and sustainability; food; water; and energy,   We’ll determine our ecological footprint, discuss its social and environmental implications, and learn ways in which we can bring our lives more in harmony with what we believe.

If you are ready to make changes that lessen your impact on our world and support life-giving, rather than life-destroying global systems, then contact us at 773-556-3418 or email

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