Moving From Flash Mobs to Smart Mobs and Junk vs. Real News

Moving From Flash Mobs to Smart Mobs
And Junk vs. Real News

7:00 to 9:00 PM
Marla Donato, Journalist and Transition Rogers Park

In the fast changing media landscape how can you get reliable, accurate information? How do you sort out the junk from the real news? And how can you use social networking and Smart Mobs to get your message out in a positive way?

Bring a list of your news sources and examples of stories that didn’t hit the major media that you think should have. And come prepared to discuss ideas for organizing Smart Mobs to get across messages in a positive way.

This session will be coordinated by Marla Donato, a university educator and Chicago journalist whose decades of newsroom experience include The Chicago Tribune, United Press International, and Conscious Choice magazine, among others.

Refreshments served.

Building Resilient Communities

EJC is a founding partner of Transition Rogers Park, which is modeled after the global Transition Town movement. Transition Rogers Park is hosting a series of gatherings designed to create local solutions for the challenges of peak oil, climate change and a economic instability.  Each gathering is designed to move us forward in our thinking or actions.

Visit Transition Rogers Park to RSVP.  Click for a flier and check out the details for each event on our calendar.

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