Dragline at Peabody Energy’s Bear Run Coal Mine
Sullivan County, Indiana

Coal in the Heartland

Join us for a multimedia presentation by EJC on the growing movement to protect the health of land, water and people in the heart of America from coal’s deadly impacts

April 18, 2012
6:15 pm to 7:00 pm
DePaul University
McGowan South, Room 105
1110 W. Belden Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614

Stay for the screening of Dirty Business afterwards.

In Illinois and across the country, powerful interests are getting behind “clean coal” as a local solution to our energy problems. Unfortunately, clean coal is a myth – from the coal mines to the power plants, coal is the dirtiest way to meet our electric needs. Join local residents and water quality professionals from the Heartland Coalfield Alliance for a multimedia presentation that explores the implications our energy choices have on the health of water and communities in Illinois’ coalfields.

Strip mining, room and pillar and longwall mining for coal are destroying land, displacing people, and polluting clean water across the Illinois coal basin.  At the other end of the coal cycle, toxic coal ash dumps are threatening the health and safety of nearby residents. Learn about the history of Illinois’ coalfields, the ravages of the current Illinois coal boom, and how communities are standing up to protect their health and well-being from coal’s devastating impacts.

Presentation by Lan and Pam Richart, Eco-Justice Collaborative
Hosted by ECO (Environmental Concerns Organization)

Visit EJC’s website:  Illinois…The Next Appalachia?  for more on the impacts of coal in Illinois.

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