Noted Energy Consultant and Financial Analyst to Speak in Rogers Park

Noted Energy Consultant and Financial Analyst Nicole Foss to Speak in Rogers Park

January 19, 2011
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

United Church of Rogers Park
1545 W. Morse Ave., Chicago

Free Parking in lot at Ashland and Morse
Suggested donation:  $20 to defray costs (no one will be turned away)

Click here for a flier.

We live in a world that runs on oil.  And oil prices are rising again. In fact, analysts project they will reach a price of $100 or more a barrel by early 2011. In a recent Bloomberg BusinessWeek interview, senior energy analyst Charles Maxwell of Weeden & Co. said he believes the price of oil will rise to $150 a barrel in the next four years. This exceeds the all-time high price of $147 a barrel reached in September 2008 – the beginning of the current recession.

What’s the connection between oil, our finances and the  heath of our planet?  How will rising oil prices affect our economy?  What do we need to know that our mainstream media isn’t telling us?

Nicole Foss, who writes as Stoneleigh for The Automatic Earth, is coming to Rogers Park on January 19, 2011 to help us make sense of today’s financial crisis and begin to prepare us for the challenges that lie ahead. Her presentation will begin promptly at 7:00 p.m. at the United Church of Rogers Park (1545 W. Morse Ave).

Sponsored by Transition Rogers Park in conjunction with, Eco- Justice Collaborative, Midwest Permaculture and others, Foss will talk about how the intersection of peak oil, climate change and the economy are creating a “perfect storm” that threatens economic meltdown. After her presentation, she will answer questions and provide recommendations on how best to weather consequences that few expect.

Foss is an energy industry consultant, former writer for The Oil Drum Canada, and
co-editor of The Automatic Earth blog.  Her current writings warn us that, like the September 2008 crisis that “came within hours of the global banking system seizing up,” the brewing financial storm she predicts may come very quickly and will result in rapid deflation. Successfully dealing with deflation, she says, will make it possible to meet the twin challenges that will follow – peak oil and climate change.

Free parking for “Making Sense of Today’s Financial Crisis” is available at the southwest corner of Morse and Ashland Ave. For further details, contact Pam or Lan Richart, 773.556.3418.

Transition Rogers Park is a local initiative built upon the foundation of the global Transition Towns Movement designed to meet the 21st century challenges of peak oil, climate change, and today’s economy. It aims to build resilience through relocalization, self-reliance, and new relationships in Rogers Park. Its goals include raising awareness of climate change and global resource depletion, and creating a vibrant economy through the localization and sharing of resources within a community.  EJC is a founding member of Transition Rogers Park.’s mission is furthering local resilience, improving awareness to the consequences of our actions, personal responsibility to those consequences and becoming regenerative in Chicago as  a model for other urban centers.

Eco-Justice Collaborative (EJC) is a Rogers Park-based not-for-profit. Through interactive presentations, special events and advocacy, EJC works to raise public awareness of the environmental and social impacts of U.S. lifestyles and to encourage changes that will heal and restore our planet, while bringing about a more just and sustainable world.

Midwest Permaculture is an educational business owned by Bill and Becky Wilson of Stelle, IL. They are beginning their fifth year of offering talks, classes, webinars, and full courses in all aspects of Permaculture and Transition Town Training.

Photo of Ms. Foss taken from the American Society of Peak Oil  USA Conference in Washington DC, October 2011 on the Future of Oil, Energy and the Economy.

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