Oh $hit – Da$ Krapital

Oh $hit – Da$ Krapital

JULY 29, 2011
Mess Hall, 6943 N. Glenwood Avenue
7:00 to 9:00 PM
Christine Wellman, Transition Rogers Park

How do you measure your economic bottom line?  Are debt ceilings and defaults part of the equation?  What do you forecast for your economic future?  Is it looking bright and stable, or is it cloudy with a chance of more turmoil?

Join us for a discussion of the current economic environment and view the forecasts for the future by Nicole Foss (http://theautomaticearth.blogspot.com/) and Gonzalo Lira (http://gonzalolira.blogspot.com/).  Each is a respected commentator on the direction we are headed, although they have radically different views.  We’ll assess their forecasts and share our strategies for managing our personal economies.

Refreshments served.

Building Resilient Communities

EJC is a founding partner of Transition Rogers Park, which is modeled after the global Transition Town movement. Transition Rogers Park is hosting a series of gatherings designed to create local solutions for the challenges of peak oil, climate change and a economic instability.  Each gathering is designed to move us forward in our thinking or actions.

Visit Transition Rogers Park to RSVP.  Click for a flier and check out the details for each event on our calendar.

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