Our Changing Planet – In Real Time

Our Changing Planet – In Real Time

It’s hard to understand how quickly our earth is changing.  This World Clock by poodwaddle.com provides an amazing look at the intersection of our energy use, world population trends, food production and the impact of these activities on our environment.

These are uncertain times, for sure.  Our future depends on creating and living into systems that nurture and restore life.  This means living differently, changing more than our light bulbs.  It means changing our economies that depend on growth, consumption and exploitation of resources and people.  It means living with less.  It means taking care of and restoring ecological systems that are life-giving. It means taking care of all people.

All across the globe, people everywhere are beginning to respond to today’s ecological and social crises. Bioneers and the Transition Towns movement are a few examples where people are working to bring about positive change. And that is hopeful!  Change doesn’t come easily, but it can happen quickly when there is perceived need.  So please share this world clock as a means for communicating the ecological and social impacts our global population and global economies are placing on our planet.  But also talk about solutions.  Real solutions that lessen our ecological footprints in our households, our communities and throughout the United States.  Real solutions that work for people – all people – not just generate profit corporations. It can make a difference.


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