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Pressing for Justice in the Ecosystems Where Life Thrives or Dies

Have you heard of The Common Good Podcast by Jubilee Economics?  If not … it’s time to be introduced!

This episode features Lan Richart, co-director of Eco-Justice Collaborative.  Listen and learn a bit more about Lan, who created healthy wetlands for many years in the business he and his spouse, Pam, owned. She led municipalities in planning their futures, helping them factor in the environmental issues. They retired early from their business, sold it, and formed the nonprofit Eco-Justice Collaborative, based in Chicago. They’ve just moved south to Champaign, Illinois, putting them in the middle of the state and much closer to the vast Illinois coalfields being mined to meet our species’ voracious appetite for energy.

Their work reveals the high costs of coal energy including:

1. Healthcare costs from coal dust and dirty air.
2. Destruction of species life depends on as mining displaces them.
3. Raising global temperatures by oversaturating the air with carbon dioxide.
4. Destroying neighborhoods and rural culture through displacement.
5. Contaminating fresh water streams, underground water, and drinking wells.

But their eco-justice work is shaped far more by their vision of what we are capable of than opposing the mistakes we are making. Their passion for eco-justice counters injustices with informed convictions that a just world works better for everyone and all life. One example is their coordination of Bioneers conferences in the Chicago region: 2012 | 2013.

Lan and Pam were part of Jubilee Economics from its beginning in 2000 and continued until they formed the Eco-Justice Collaborative. Their eco-justice work amazes in its scope and passion. Just take a look at their website!! They put themselves all out and then leverage that energy through collaborations. Their vision is spawned by imagination and spirituality. What they do flows from their faith.

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