Bioneers 2012

"Bioneers is a salon of ideas and exchange that highlight the world we wish to see."

                 -David Orr, PhD, Board Member, National Bioneers

What is Bioneers?

Pioneers comes from the root words "Biological" and "Pioneers". Bioneers look at solutions to today's social, economic and environmental from the lens of nature, asking the question "how would nature solve this problem"?. Solutions created in this way are holistic, interconnected, and low-impact, and avoid the pitfalls of false solutions that typically lead us from one problem to another.

In Eco-Justice Collaborative brought together social and scientific innovators who focus on breakthrough solutions inspired by nature and human ingenuity. These visionaries already are creating the healthy, diverse, equitable and beautiful world we want to live in – our legacy for future generations and the web of life on which our lives depend.

EJC recently relocated its offices to Champaign, Illinois, and is hoping to rekindle Bioneers in the central part of the state, while others, part of the leadership team, are working to find ways to keep the Bioneers tradition in Chicago moving forward.

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