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EJC believes that we can make the deep changes required to address the most serious social, economic, and environmental challenges of modern history. But in order to be successful, we will need to:

  • Embrace the the fact that our consumer-based economies and reliance on fossil fuels are not sustainable (nor just) on a finite planet.
  • Move quickly toward agendas and policies that not only adapt to our changing world, but also work to heal and restore our planet.
  • Blend new ideas with proven ones that are in harmony with nature.
  • Rebuild community so that we are once again in relationship with one another, and no one is left behind.



Bioneers comes from the root words "Biological" and "Pioneers". Bioneers look at solutions to today's social, economic and environmental from the lens of nature, asking the question "how would nature solve this problem"? LEARN MORE

One earth


We are facing growing concerns over a warming planet, diminishing natural resources, food security, and the end of the fossil fuel age. With this in mind, how can our responses / lifestyles reflect justice, and affirm all life? LEARN MORE

Just and Sufficient

Just and Sufficient

Since World War II, the U.S. has consumed as many goods and services as all previous generations combined! Given the impacts of unfettered consumption, its time to learn to live within the limits of our planet. LEARN MORE

Photo by Rashawerakh, taken 2008.  Via Flickr Commons

Vonnegut’s Letter to the Future

After citing examples of how Nature works to keep the planet in balance, Vonnegut puts forth a series of simple steps we need to take to survive as a species. What he writes rings as true today as it did in 1988 ...
Joanna Macy 2009

The Gifts of Uncertainty

Drawing from deep ecology, systems theory and spiritual traditions, Dr. Macy builds motivation, creativity, courage and solidarity for the transition ...

Lifestyles for a Sustainable Future

Assemble six to eight people in the Champaign-Urbana area and we'll host this interactive educational series that blends information and personal covenant in a small group setting ...
Changing the Narrative on Climate

Changing the Narrative on Climate

On solving climate - How do we save ourselves from a planet, that if pushed too far, has the power to rock, burn and shake us off completely ...

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