Resilient Mycology

Turning Waste into a Resource
Join Social Ecologies’ Nance Klem and guests Ja Schindler and Leila Darwish to explore how the mushroom cultivator can transform waste into food and medicine, by creating healthy soil, feeding both community and the earth.

Resilient Mycology

Ja Schindler is an author, gardener, mushroom cultivator, teacher, community organizer. Ja resides in Eugene, Oregon where he researches and offers education and consultation in mushroom cultivation and mycoremediation.

Originally from Detroit, his interests in post-industrial urban renewal, food security, and environmental awareness developed into a fierce affinity for bioremediation and fungi at a young age. For the past decade he has been studying mycology, has lived and worked on a progressive mushroom farm, developed low-tech cultivation methods, and experimented with an array of remediation strategies. His first book, ‘Fungi For the People”, in the Spring of 2014.

Leila Darwish is a community organizer, urban gardener and permaculturalist with a BSc in Environmental Conservation Sciences. Most of her grassroots organizing has centered on environmental justice issues in communities struggling with either the threat of or the enduring legacy of toxic contamination of their land and drinking water. Her focus on grassroots bioremediation stems from a deep commitment to justice and the passionate desire to empower people by providing them with simple, practical, transformative, and accessible tools for regenerative earth repair.

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