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Closing the Cloud Factories

Lessons from the fight to shut down Chicago’s Coal Plants Book reading and discussion with author / journalist Kari Lydersen The closing of Chicago’s coal plants is a fascinating story on many levels, a story that continues two years after the historic shutdown. Join EJC and other organizations who participated in the campaign to close […]

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An Artist’s View of Today’s Realities

These 29 drawings by Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski were featured recently by Distractify and forwarded to us by a friend. They will provoke thought and discussion about the realties of our world today. This artist has worked in satirical illustration since 2004, and specializes in thought-provoking images that make his audience question their everyday lives. […]

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These Are Not My Problems

A Social Justice Visualization and Journey ( a Gallery show aimed to re-claim humanity) Opening Night, May 10, 2014 noon to 7pm Eco-Justice Collaborative will be highlighted by artist Matthew Harlan who will depict our work on mountaintop removal coal mining through his art. About the Exhibit: A Social Justice Visualization and Journey Presented by: 8th Day […]

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How to Build Effective Resistance

Facing the Realities of Climate Change and Limitless Consumption In this interview, journalist Chris Hedges says we are emulating all of the mistakes complex societies have made over 5,000 years or more of civilization.  But this time, when our civilization goes down the entire planet is going to go down with us. We no longer […]

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Co-Sign Open Letter to Obama

Co-Sign The Open Letter To Obama Calling For Bold Climate Action! President Obama has promised action to confront climate change. To do that, he must end the detrimental “all of the above” energy policy of his first term. Please add your name as a co-signer on our open letter urging him to take bold action […]

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More Fracking Threats: Radioactive Waste

Support a Moratorium on Fracking in Illinois A fracking regulatory bill is being drafted in Springfield.  The Illinois state legislature, which has sat on the sidelines as new technologies using high-pressure fracturing techniques to extract natural gas have launched energy booms in long-dormant states, could see a boom of its own in the coming months. […]

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Stop Keystone XL or Game Over for Climate

Tar Sands Oil – One of the Dirtiest Fuels on the Planet Producing a barrel of oil from the oil sands produces three times more greenhouse gas emissions than a barrel of conventional oil due to the energy-intensive extraction and refining processes.  The rapid increase in the development of carbon-intensive, unconventional oil “could tip the […]

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Eco-Justice Collaborative


EJC is a non-profit that advocates for just and sustainable changes that respond to climate destruction, resource depletion, and the gap between rich and poor.

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Join EJC in DC for Forward on Climate

Can You Join Us … for what may be the largest and most important environmental rally in history? Travel to Washington, DC on Feb. 17, President’s Day weekend for what is expected to be the largest environmental rally to date.  The purpose of this rally is to oppose the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline and […]

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