The Wind Energy Supply Chain in Illinois

The Wind Energy Supply Chain in Illinois

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New ELPC Report Shows Illinois Clean Energy Jobs and Business Growing

The Environmental Law and Policy Center (ELPC) has released a new study of the clean energy supply chain in Illinois. The study finds that over 300 Illinois companies are working in the wind, solar or geothermal energy industries and employing over 18,000 people in the state. From old-line steel fabricators to high-tech start-ups, renewable energy is powering job growth and launching Illinois to the forefront of the green economy.

“Clean energy is putting power on the grid and paychecks in people’s pockets here in Illinois.” said Howard Learner, Executive Director of the Environmental Law & Policy Center. “The recent rapid growth in clean energy businesses and jobs shows the industry’s huge potential. With the right policies in place, clean energy is becoming a major economic engine for Illinois.”

The report highlights the more than 300 companies that compose the wind, solar and geothermal supply chains, including the 13 corporate headquarters of major wind power companies located in Chicago, start-ups developing new solar technology and 89 businesses working in geothermal heating and cooling. These corporate headquarters attract more engineering, finance and legal professionals to the state as well.

Expanding on ELPC’s 2010 report on the wind energy supply chain in Illinois, the new report identifies more companies entering the wind business and creates a picture of the state’s growing solar and geothermal industries.

The report notes that strong regulatory and tax policies are crucial to growing any industry, and wind, solar and geothermal energy industries are no exception. In addition to existing policies, a federal renewable electricity standard would drive more demand for clean energy options, and ensure the continued growth of Illinois’ wind, solar and geothermal industries.

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