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EJC is looking for volunteers anxious to join us in our mission of education, transformation and action.  Do you have a defined amount of time that you can commit to bring about positive social, economic and environmental change?


Contact us and we’ll work with you in identifying a campaign, initiative or project exciting to you and supportive of our mission.

EJC Internships / Partnerships in Action

If you are a college student, a seminarian, or seek a more formal volunteer experience, become part of our Partnerships in Action Program. Through this program EJC enters into formal partnership with individuals interested in carrying out a specific project.  EJC staff then works to help outline specific objectives, work tasks, a schedule and a budget for a project that is call-based and motivational for the intern or volunteer, as well as program-oriented and practical for EJC.

The Partners in Action Program fits well with those seeking a work-study or  academic internship through colleges or universities.  It also can serve as a vehicle to gain valuable work experience, while carrying our a self-designed initiative.  Contact us by email or phone (773.556.3417) for more information or to discuss your ideas.

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