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Chicago’s two coal plants just closed in September of this year, thanks to grass-roots efforts organized by the Chicago Clean Power Coalition.  Now it’s time for the City to take the next steep  and Chicago to a clean energy portfolio that not only creates good-paying local jobs that will save energy, but also moves the city towards clean, safe, renewable energy.

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In November, Chicago voters will vote on a referendum to determine whether the City should have the authority to buy electricity on behalf of its residents.
In Illinois, communities are allowed to purchase electricity on behalf of their residents and small businesses. By “aggregating” its customers into one big group, a community can negotiate with suppliers and get better deals for electricity on behalf of its citizens.

Part of getting a better deal is getting a choice of where the community’s power comes from. Over 200 communities across the state have already opted for community choice—and a number of them have chosen renewable energy to help meet their electricity needs.

The vote in November isn’t on a specific energy plan. Instead, it’s a vote that would allow the City to purchase electricity for its residents.

We’re asking the City to make sure that, if the referendum passes, the City has a plan to create new, local jobs that save energy and make Chicago run on clean renewable energy.

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Eco-Justice Collaborative is a founding member of the Chicago Clean Power Coalition.  For more, visit

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