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On June 22, Dynegy entered into an interim agreement to move all 3.3 million cubic yards of coal ash away from the Middle Fork.  They are required to hold a public meeting before December 17, at which time the public will be able to comment on the ash removal and relocation plans. Click here for more, and watch this site for updates.  You also can sign up for our mailing list by using this form


Get Ready for the Public Meeting
December is just months away. We want to be certain that Dynegy:

  • Responsibly moves the ash.
  • Provides safe conditions for workers.
  • Protects the banks to prevent a breach as ash is removed.
  • Considers recycling, rather than landfilling, all of the ash.
  • Finds a safe place for any ash that is landfilled.

Dynegy's consultants previously indicated they believed about 60 percent of the ash could be recyled and encapsulated (versus used for roadbeds, fil for constructionl, etc.).

The type and location of any landfill proposed to receive coal ash needs to be carefully considered, to avoid contact with surfce and groundwater. Any new landfill needs to be lined, constructed according to best practices, and sited away from communities.

Plans and support documentation will be available for review before the meeting.  We'll review them against the new coal ash rules, host public information meetings, and prepare talkng points for oral and written testimony.

Photo shows deteriorated gabions and eroding riverbank next to the Old East Ash Pit on the Middle Fork of the Vermilion River, IL. Coal ash contaminants are seen actively seeping into the river. May 2, 2018. | Pam Richart

It's Not Over Yet
We've reached a major milestone, but everyone will need to stay vigiliant to ensure Dynegy does not try to show that their "cap and run" solution is best.  Stay tuned to our website for more information as it becomes available!