January 9, 2013 Update:
SB3280, a moratorium on fracking in Illinois was referred to the Rules Committee on January 8, 2013. Stay tuned for more information and next steps.

Stop Fracking in IL
Support SB3280
A Moratorium on Fracking in Illinois!

The natural gas Industry wants to frack Illinois. Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is an extremely dangerous method of natural gas extraction. The technology  injects millions of gallons of watersand and chemicals deep into the earth in order to break up shale rock and release natural gas.  Concerns include release of methane during the drilling process, contributing to climate change and contamination of drinking water and mishandling of chemical wastes, posing serious health risks to  humans and wildlife.

The January Veto Session is scheduled from January 2-8. Call now (before January 8, 2013, 5:00 pm) to tell Illinois state representatives and senators to vote “yes” on SB3280, which will establish a moratorium on fracking and an investigative task force that will examine all of the health and environmental impacts associated with this method of gas extraction.  For a description or update on the bill, click here

You can find your state legislator here. or call the state switchboard at 217.782.2000 to connect with your representative. Be sure to also place a call to Governor Quinn at 312.814.2121 or 217.782.0244 and ask him to support the moratorium on fracking as well.

Talking Points:

  • High pressure hydraulic fracking (fracking) is not the same process as has been used in Illinois for decades. It uses a much more powerful technology
  • Fracking uses huge amounts of water – up to 2-7 million gallons per frack and a well can be fracked many times
  • The mix of 600 or more toxic chemicals has poisoned wells, and resulted in harm or death to plants, animals and humans.
  • Many citizens of Southern Illinois are opposed to fracking. Bans or moratoria have been passed in Alto Pass and Carbondale. Carlyle passed a ban on drilling.
  • Please protect the people and environment of Illinois from the harm that fracking has caused in states like Colorado and Pennsylvania

Thanks for making these calls!   Be sure to spread the word to your family and friends,

For more information, see:
www.dontfractureillinois.net (website of S.A.F.E., Southern Illinoisan Against Fracturing our Environment



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