Facing the Realities of Climate Change and Limitless Consumption

In this interview, journalist Chris Hedges says we are emulating all of the mistakes complex societies have made over 5,000 years or more of civilization.  But this time, when our civilization goes down the entire planet is going to go down with us. We no longer can act as though we can have everything we want, when climate change, depletion of resources, pollution, over population, deforestation and more pose real limits and threats to our existence.

The folly of continuing to allow the fossil fuel industry to determine our relationship to the ecosystem; along with the folly of embracing an ideology of limitless expansion and consumption will certainly lead to our demise.  It is quite clear what the consequences of “staying the course” will be.  Despite that clarity, we can’t find a way to wrest ourselves from the systems and benefits that those of us in the wealthy industrialized world experience.

In today’s world, wrought by social, economic and environmental degradation and injustices, rebellion and resistance is a moral imperative. Our only hope is to build mass movements of descent.  The failure to carry out mass acts of civil disobedience will only ensure that we remain hostages to corporate power.

We need to wrest power back from the rapacious corporate elite that, if left unchallenged, literally will kill us. But, says, Hedges, before we can build effective resistance, we must first grasp our reality.  And as long as we remain complacent by hopes and expectations that technology, market forces, or charismatic leaders will save us from this grave reality, we will not be able to see how dire and catastrophic our current situation is.

To bring about true change, we must first face our current reality and then radically reconfigure our relationship to each other and our ecosystem.

You can access the full transcript of this interview by Paul Jay and the entire 7-part interview by visiting TheRealtyNews.com.

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