Over a 55-year period, Illinois Power and its successor Dynegy constructed and operated three separate coal ash disposal pits, depositing over 3.3 million cubic yards of coal ash waste. These three coal ash pits are located in the western floodplain of the Middle Fork. Two of the pits are unlined and actively leaching into underlying groundwater. One is lined, but is located over underground voids created by prior coal mining.

Dynegy closed the power plant in 2001. Today, the Dynegy Vermilion site is a toxic waste dump – not an operating power plant.

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What Is Coal Ash?

What Is Coal Ash? Coal ash is our country’s second largest waste stream.  It is a byproduct of coal combustion and contains high levels of harmful heavy metals such as arsenic, lead and selenium. As technology has allowed power plants to capture more hazardous pollutants that would have gone into our air, these toxins have become part […]

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