14 Bills to Protect IL from Fracking

It’s now springtime (well, almost)! And that means our Illinois representatives and senators are in session. It also means that this is the time to lobby for bills that protect our environment and public health. And because of the hard work from many groups, fourteen bills (see below) have been prepared to address loopholes as well as key health and environmental concerns associated with the rules that were prepared by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to regulate the Hydraulic Fracturing Regulatory Act that was signed into law in Illinois this past June.

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Let’s Talk About Illinois Coal Mining

While much of the country is talking about fracking, corporations such as Peabody Coal and Foresight Reserves LP are quietly extracting coal from America’s Heartland. Strip mining, room and pillar and longwall mining for coal are destroying some of the best agricultural farmland in the world, displacing once cohesive farming communities, and polluting clean water across the Illinois coal basin, which includes the state of Illinois and portions of Indiana and Kentucky.

At the other end of the coal cycle, burning coal is contributing to toxic coal ash dumps, which threatening the health and safety of nearby residents, and destroying our climate.

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Expedite Renewable Energy

We can transition to a cleaner, renewable energy future, but Congress needs to pass the legislation to get us there. Sign this petition created by Eco-Watch, a cutting-edge news service promoting the work of more than 1,000 grassroots environmental organizations, activists and community leaders worldwide. EJC is an endorsing organization

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