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More Clean Energy for Illinois?
Join Senator Scott Bennett, Representative Carol AmmonsPrairie Rivers Network, Faith in Place, Sierra Club Prairie Group – Illinois Chapter, and Eco-Justice Collaborative for a BIG  announcement at the MTD facility in Urbana on Friday, March 1st at 11:00 am.

What:        Clean Jobs Coalition Press Conference
When:       Friday, March 1, at 11:00 am
Where:     MTD facility in Urbana, 803 East University Avenue, Urbana, IL 61802

At this event, community leaders will discuss the coalition’s commitment to:

  • Put Illinois on a path to 100% renewable energy by 2050.
  • Decarbonizing the power grid.
  • Electrifying the state’s transportation sector,.
  • Create more clean energy jobs across Illinois.

Please pull into, and park on the west side of the MTD building. If travelers are eastbound on University, this will be their first entrance on the right. If travelers are westbound on University, this will be the final turn on their left.

Be sure to attend and celebrate Illinois’ expanding commitment to clean energy, environmental justice, resilient communities, and a healthy planet!

Questions? Contact apankau@prairierivers.org 
Livestream available at: Prairie Rivers Network facebook

Future Energy Jobs Act
In June of 2017, the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA) became law in Illinois. This is one of the most comprehensive energy bills in the country.  Now, an additional $200 million per year will be available to build new solar and wind facilities in Illinois, creating more good paying jobs; preparing a workforce with competitive skills; and expanding the state’s legacy as a top energy produce.

FEJA accelerates the growth of renewable energy in Illinois, expands the state’s energy efficiency goals to dramatically reduce electricity waste and lower bills, devotes $750 million to job training, includes community solar that will allow those who can’t install solar panels directly on their own property to buy into projects built elsewhere; and funds the Illinois Solar for All Program with a focus on providing access to solar energy and jobs to low-income communities.

This bill was a huge success, and its positive outcomes are now being realized across the state. But the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition, responsible for creating and passing the bill, has continued its work, building on the Future Energy Jobs Act.  Member organizations traveled across the state to lead conversations about clean energy, listen to what residents had to say, and to share ideas for next steps.

Who is the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition (ICJC)?
The ICJC is a group of more than 200 organizations, businesses, and community leaders working together to advance clean energy jobs, lower energy bills, and healthier air and water.

The group championed the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA), which passed the Illinois General Assembly with bipartisan support and was signed into law in 2016. The law positioned Illinois to become a leader in clean energy and to capture the jobs and investments that come with it.


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