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Illinois Pollution Control Board
Ready for Comments on Coal Ash Rules

One of the victories emerging from the campaign to protect the Middle Fork was the passage of Senate Bill 9 - The Coal Ash Pollution Prevention Act of 2019.  While the Act stipulated the basic requirements of coal ash regulation in Illinois the details are now being developed by the Illinois Pollution Control Board (IPCB).  The Act itself does not guarantee that the rules will be strong.  This is where you come in.  The IPCB will be holding virtual public hearings beginning the second week of August.  They will hear from IEPA experts, industry and environmental groups on August 11th.  On August 12th and 13th the public will have an opportunity to provide short (2-3 minute comments).

Here is the schedule:

  • August 11th beginning at 9:00 am - IEPA’s opening comments, continuing with formal testimony from industry and environmental groups.
  • August 12th from 5 to 7 pm - Public comment period
  • August 13th from 11 am to noon - Public comment period

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Why Participate?  Why Testify?
Your voice is important at this critical time.  You can participate in any or all of these ways:

Watch and Listen - We want as many people as possible to connect remotely to show the IPCB how much the public supports strong coal ash rules. You may use either your phone or WebEx video conferencing.  Information on how to do this is included on pages 10 and 11 in this document.

Make a  SHORT public comment - Tell the IPCB about the risks of coal ash pollution near you and why you want strong rules to make sure that your community and the environment are safe.  These statements should be no longer than 2 to 3 minutes and can be pre-written.  You will not have to answer any questions.  Talking points are included on page 5 of this document.

Send the IPCB your written comments via email - These may be more longer and will carry equal weight to spoken comments. You can email written comments to Clerk of the Board Don Brown by email (don.brown@illinois.gov). 

Sign up here to say that you are attending at least a portion of the hearings and/or making a comment.  Tell them that you are participating as a supporter of EJC.

Click here to view a guidance document that will give you talking points and more detailed instructions on how to participate in the hearing, including how to call in or connect remotely to the State’s WebEx video conferencing service.

Join our July 30th Webinar to learn more, including how to make an effective comment. Sign up here.

We have come very far in the campaign to protect Illinois residents from toxic coal ash.  As we head into the final rulemaking process, we need to hear your voice one more time.  If you have any questions, call Lan Richart at 773-556-3417.  

Coal Ash Rulemaking Guidance Document

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