Consilience, Concinnity, and The Way
Keynote Address by Dr. Gerould Wilhelm, Bioneers Chicago, 2012

When our cultural behaviors are in harmony with land and the native plants and animals around us, we are in consilience with our place and ourselves. Strictly adhering to what many indigenous cultures call “The Way” is critical to our survival.

In this address, Dr. Wilhelm uses native prairie, woodland, and riverbank landscapes to illustrate the importance of following “The Way”.  Our survival depends upon creating a healthy relationship with the natural world, rather than viewing it as a backdrop or “playground” for our own existence.

Dr. Gerould Wilhelm is a co-owner of Conservation Design Forum, Inc. and  Director of Research for the Conservation Research Institute (CRI). He may be best know for co-authoring the definitive flora “Plants of the Chicago Region,” with Floyd Swink.

EJC serves as fiscal sponsor and is a lead organizer for Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago.

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