Low-Tech, Common-Sense Response to Climate Change

Albert Bates gave this interesting and inspiring talk at Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago’s 2nd annual event this past November. He suggests that there are low-tech, common-sense responses to climate change that all of us can engage in, and shows how eco-villages have been leading the way.

Bates is no newcomer to ecovillages and appropriate technology, having cofounded the Global Village Institute for Appropriate Technology (which he has headed for 35 years) and the Global Ecovillage Network. By making strategic investments in adaptive responses to the climate change, Bates believes ecovillages are able to both marginally reduce – or even reverse, the transfer of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

Watch this 60-minute talk, which includes Q&A, and learn about:

  • Carbon farming
  • Biochar
  • Holistic management
  • Integrated aquaponics and waste remediation
  • Organic no-till
  • Keyline management
  • Remineralization
  • Soil-food-web microbiology
  • Agroforestry; and
  • “Permafuels” for transportation and district heating

Albert Bates is author of many books including The Biochar Solution, The Post Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook, and Climate in Crisis and writes a blog called The Great Change. He gave this keynote address at Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago’s 2nd annual event on November 2, 2013.

Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago is a self-organized local affiliate of National Bioneers. Eco-Justice Collaborative served as lead organizer for GLBC in 2012 and 2013.  For more on National Bioneers, visit: bioneers.org.  Watch EJC’s website for information on a 2015 Bioneers event in Chicago!

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