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You Can Make a Difference

Eco-Justice Collaborative (EJC) is working with the Community Futures Initiative, a state-wide effort whose purpose is to build support for an Illinois coal severance tax that would:

(1) End coal subsidies in Illinois
(2) Fund projects and programs for coal-producing communities in Illinois.

Another benefit of this campaign is that enables us to tell the story about the real costs of coal to the state’s economy and communities, which then paves the way for cleaner, safe, renewable energy.

We are making presentations to county boards and  city councils; civic, educational, health-care, and environmental organizations; businesses; and state senators and representatives.  The goal of these presentations is to gain their support for a coal severance tax through letters and resolutions. But we need your support!

Tools for Engagement

There are lots of ways you can help build the drumbeat in support of a coal severance tax.  One of the easiest is to “like” our FB page, invite others,  and share our posts. You also can sign up for our email list for updates and action alerts.

Here’s a handy list of what you can do to help us spread the world about the real cost of coal and the benefits of a coal severance tax.  We’ve provided more detail in the “How to Get Involved”, “How to hold a Hose Party” and How to Write a Letter to the Editor attachments that follow.

(1) Share our factsheets, reports, and video (see Resources, below).
(2) Contact us to suggest organizations or groups to contact.
(3) Invite us to make a presentation (use this form to contact Pam)
(4) Hold a house party to share what you’ve learned.
(5) Write a letter to the editor – or write a guest column.
(6) Ask your board or organization to adopt a resolution in support of an Illinois coal severance tax.
(7) Make a legislative visit to your state representative or state senator.
(8) Support the Illinois Clean Jobs Bill.

How to Get Involved
How to Hold a House Party
How to Write a Letter to the Editor

Campaign Resources

Our campaign website, ReinvestIL.org is updated regularly with blog posts and news articles.  Resources  presented below also can be found on that website.  We’ve provided them here for your convenience, and will add to them as we develop additional campaign materials.