MAY 28, 2014 UPDATE:
Fracking Speedup Bill Dies in Springfield

Julie Wernau of the Chicago Tribune says: “Legislators said the bill doesn’t have enough votes to pass. Industry didn’t support the bill, concerned that any kind of moratorium, even in an area that wasn’t likely to see fracking, would set a bad precedent.” See:,0,5572516.story

What she didn’t say, is that the people have spoken, and will continue to speak out against industrial-scale hydraulic fracturing in IL.


Gutting Illinois Fracking Law Posted May 27, 2014
The Illinois state legislature has been working hard over the Memorial Day weekend to circumvent the required public process related to rule making for the Hydraulic Fracturing Regulatory Act. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources has held 5 public hearings, and received over 35,000 comments to date.  The IDNR has until November 2014 to complete the rule making process, which includes another round of public comments.

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On Friday, May 23, Rep. John Bradley filed amendments to SB649 would completely re-write the Illinois fracking law and would end the public process that is already ongoing to write rules for that would regulate hydrofracking.  If adopted, hydrofracking could move forward provided an applicant:

  • Is registered with the Department,
  • Has been issued a permit by the Department, and
  • Has obtained all applicable authorizations required by the Illinois Oil and Gas Act.

The Oil and Gas Act DOES NOT PROVIDE PROTECTIONS against the hazards of modern-day hydraulic fracturing. On Monday, May 26, a House Executive Committee voted 7-4 to advance Bradley’s plan that would speed up hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas in Illinois, despite protests from southern Illinois residents and environmentalists – including those groups who helped write the bill.

This is unconscionable and is a total disregard for the health and well-being of residents of southern Illinois AND our democratic process.

What can you do?

  • Call Speaker Madigan (217.782.5350 and (773.581.8000) AND your representative today to stop this nonsense and to vote NO on these amendments. Let them know how dangerous hydraulic fracturing is, and ask for a ban. It’s important you take action right away – the Bill could move to the house floor later this week. Click here to find contact information.

You can follow the bill here.

Residents from southern Illinois visit Rep. Bradley’s office on Tuesday, May 27 to deliver a casket, and then do a die in his office to protest his bill to fast track fracking in southern illinois while putting a moratorium on fracking in northern Illinois.

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“On the heals of a holiday weekend approximately 40 citizens showed up in Marion to make it known that they are extremely unhappy with the recent underhanded actions of Representative John Bradley. The crowd packed Representative Bradley’s office, overflowing out into the hallway and stairs. Signs were held high as people made statements. Passionate pleas for banning fracking were met with cheers. Signs read: “Southern Illinois is not a sacrifice zone”, “We deserve equal protection under the law”, “Why do Chicagoans get protection and we don’t”, “Impeach Bradley”, and “Represent your constituents, not your financiers.”

– More from Fight Fracking in  Southern Illinois, Protect the Shawnee

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